Breaking News

  • Breaking News on your iPhone/iPad/iPod devices with realtime push notification.
  • App delivers breaking news from major news source around the world like CNN, Fox News, Reuters, NYT, CNBC, Fox Business, CNN Money, BBC, WSJ, MSNBC, USA Today, MarketWatch real time on your iPhone.

Offline Reader

  • You can now read your favorite web pages even when there is no continuous Internet connectivity. Take your favorite web pages for Offline Reading.
  • To save a web page for Offline reading, touch the "Save Offline" icon while surfing the web using built-in browser.
  • This app allows you to save entire web pages, including formatting and images, and read them offline on your iOS devices.
  • Get awesome functionality of safari "Reader" on your iPad. "Reader" formats a webpage to nicer readable format
  • What is Safari "Reader" ? “Safari Reader removes annoying ads and other visual distractions from online articles, You get the whole story and nothing but the story.”
  • Get it while it's free. More to come.


  • Drudge Report Made Easy - You can now browse through all stories of drudgereport.com at ease on your iPhone.
  • Columns are separated into tabs and links are optimized for iPhone.
  • You can also tweet and share links by email from the app Loads fast, light and easy.
  • One can view original page by going through "View Original Page" link.
  • Disclaimer: All logos, names, etc are used for promotional purposes only with no ownership implied nor claimed.

BestBuy Shopper

  • Start Saving Today. Did you know that the prices on BestBuy change all time?
  • Best Buy Shopper App helps you track BestBuy's daily, weekly price changes and keep you informed of price change of your interested products by push notification. You can also see price history of any product with charts, like lowest price ever to make buying decision.
  • You can buy a product directly from the App either for Store pickup [reserve and buy online pick-up at your convenient store at your convenient time].
  • Features
    1) Search Product by name, modelno, SKU [stock-keeping unit]
    2) Push Notification of Price Change
    3) Daily and Weekly price changes by value and percentage
    4) Product detail page with price history charts [landscape mode]
    5) Link to product page at bestbuy.com to view/buy the product
    6) Check Availability of a product in nearby Store
    7) Share a product with friends by email
  • Disclaimer: Product information is updated as often as possible but is not guaranteed to be correct and should always be verified with Best Buy. All Best Buy logos, names, etc are used for promotional purposes only with no ownership implied nor claimed.


  • Newspaper+ is a free news app that helps you discover news sites from around the world.
  • App provides reference to more than 14,000 news providers that help you discover news sites of your interest.
  • App helps you to add most visited or interested news sites as favorites. User can search for news sites by keyword.
  • News sites are grouped by Continents and Countries for easy navigation and discovery.
  • Swipe left on a news site to add the site to your favorite list. Share news site to your friends and families by mail or twitter.

BreakingNews (Android) Android app on Google Play

  • Breaking News with realtime push notification from popular news sources.
  • Be the first to learn about news stories moments after they break. Breaking News brings you the latest breaking news stories from popular news sources in real time.
  • There's no faster way to stay on top of the news.
  • Notifications can be turned on/off by individual source.
  • From Menu, Select Subscribe to enable notifications.
  • Stay Connected.


DrudgeReport (Android) Android app on Google Play

  • Drudge Report Improved - You can now browse through all stories of drudgereport.com at ease on your Android.
  • Columns are separated into tabs and linked pages are optimized for Android. You can also tweet and share news stories by email. Loads fast, light, easy :) and it's FREE.

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